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Submersible LED Tail Light Kit - 160 x 80mm - 8m lead

Submersible LED Tail Light Kit - 160 x 80mm - 8m lead

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Introducing premium LED lamps, a hassle-free trailer lighting solution designed for easy installation in various orientations.

Tailored for box trailers, these lamps are crafted to fit horizontally, illuminating the number plate across the trailer from the narrow side of the lamp.

For boat trailers, our innovative Trailparts™ lamps feature number plate lamps on one short and one long side of the right-hand lamp. Users can effortlessly connect the appropriate number plate function wire, providing flexibility for diverse applications.

Not only do these lamps boast a sleek appearance, but they also offer customizable cable lengths, submersible capabilities, and E-mark certification, making them the preferred choice for many trailer builders.

Key Features:

  • Compact Size: 160L x 80W x 30D (mm)
  • Strong impact-resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Inbuilt retro-reflector
  • 10-30v capability
  • E-mark (E4) certified
  • 100% Submersible
  • Left Hand lamp with 8m 4-core cable
  • Right Hand lamp with two number plate lamps, 8m 6-core cable
  • Includes license plate lamp holder
  • Two number plate lamp orientation options

The below wiring details applies to Trailparts lights only:

  • Left hand side
    Red = Stop lamp
    Brown = Tail lamp
    Yellow = Indicator lamp
    White = Earth
  • Right hand side
    Black = Number plate lamp - long side
    Blue = Number plate lamp - short side
    Red = Stop lamp
    White = Earth
    Brown = Tail lamp
    Green = Indicator
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